Your tweet was traced? Can now reported through Twitter DMCA

If your tweet and paste (copy-paste) by others now there is a solution that is given by the twitter. Reports the link with your account or tweet through the form DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Twitter twitter party will remove the infringing tweet.

tweet traced

Some twitter account owner who previously were furious to see the actions of irresponsible conduct by copying chirp. Of course it is detrimental to the work of others. Act improperly are now in the response by Twitter and has provided a special form for filing a claim through this page

If proven, the Tweet will be deleted and did not rule out the stretcher account will be disabled. Features such as this should have been there all the time because it was known in advance that the chirp on twitter increasingly concerned with the number of fake accounts using the name of a person to get a lot of followers as the business media.