Your Facebook account was hacked? Immediately do this step

Hacking social media accounts, such as Facebook has become a ‘nightmare’ for each user. How not disturbing actions undertaken this irresponsible risk creating user accounts perform malicious acts, call it the most common mode, that is fraud.

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If you are of one user’s Facebook account has been hacked, do not panic. Has a number of steps that you should do as soon as possible so that your Facebook account is yours back safely. Here are the steps.

Immediate Report Hacked Account

Go to or this link to immediately report the Facebook account has been hacked. At the top of the tab, select the Privacy and Safety and go to Hacked and Fake Accounts

Secure Account

Moving into the category of Hacked Accounts and click “I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission” (I think my account is hacked or someone using it without permission). Click the link that says “Secure your account” and select Get Started.

After the security process takes place, click the Continue option to continue.

Change Password

First, change your password, try the password used is a password that is not used in other social media. After that, check and remove applications that you think do not need to be connected to Facebook.

Next, you are also given the option to delete the activities carried out before, attempts were made to avoid the account activity deliberate hacker. Once secured, click the option Go To News Feed.

Good luck!