Yape, Robot Otonomos for Delivering Italian Items

Utilization of autonomous robots for various needs must be recognized continue to grow. One is the need to ship things, as the company called E-Novia did.

Yape Robot Otonomos

The company, based in Milan, Italy is currently testing robot called YAPE, short for Your Autonomous Pony Express. This autonomos robot can be used as a courier to send goods.

Although small, this robot can travel a considerable distance, up to 80km. YAPE moves with two wheels and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 km per hour.

This robot is capable of carrying goods weighing up to 70kg. YAPE uses a combination of sensors, cameras, and GPS to drive on city streets including multiple routes off the main line to get to the destination.

The robot is also able to communicate with sensors at traffic lights and other road signs to respond to changes in traffic flow. YAPE is equipped with face scanning technology to open packets sent.

“To send the packet via YAPE, the user simply write the destination address or the name of the recipient in the application, after which the user can just leave the rest to the YAPE GPS system.On arrival, the recipient can only open the package with face recognition system,” E-Novia wrote on its website .

Unfortunately, it is not yet certain when E-Navia began producing these robots in bulk. But for starters, the company will showcase YAPE in CES 2018.

In addition to E-Novia, other Italian companies actually participate in developing similar robots. Is Piaggio Group through its subsidiary, Piaggio Fast Forward, which focus on developing robot.

Present as the inaugural product, the company introduced Gita, a personal cargo robot. Robot with 66 cm high serves to bring the goods users.

This robot is capable of carrying goods with weights up to 18 kg. There are two ways to operate this cargo, which is controlled by the user or runs autonomously.

Gita claimed to be able to run fast enough to follow the movement of users. This robot can run at speeds up to 32km per hour

Piaggio has also provided this robot with the best navigation capabilities, including when on the sidewalk. Gita is claimed to be able to learn navigation indoors, including human decision making.