Yahoo transformed the company “Mobile-First”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer asserts that now Yahoo is a company focused on the mobile realm.

Yahoo transformed, Yahoo So Mobile-Marissa mayer CEO YahooFirst Company

It was conveyed in the event the mobile developer conference, held for the first time in Saan Francisco, USA.

“In recent years, we have completely changed our company into a” mobile first “(more focus to mobile),” Mayer said in front of about 1,000 developers.

“The opportunity here (mobile) is very large,” he added

According to Mayer, it is based on data on the number of smartphone users in the US are on average spend as much as 177 minutes with the device, 88 percent of the time spent using mobile applications.

To encourage even more mobile application developers created for the user, Yahoo also launched mobile services developer suite. This service can be used by developers to measure, advertise and make money from the applications they create.

Among the tools provided in the mobile developer suite is YahooApp Publishing, Yahoo’s mobile advertising network itself. There is also a useful tool to integrate Yahoo Search service search engine in their applications.

Marissa Mayer hope the developers can use the tools provided by Yahoo as much as possible, including the management and analytic tools belonging to Yahoo, namely Flurry.

Currently, it is estimated there are about 200 .000 people mobile application developers who have made 630,000 applications with Flurry platform.

“We want to help developers to change their applications into an attractive business,” said Mayer.