Yahoo Have Gryffin ‘Web Security guard’

The developers at Yahoo now has Gryffin that is open source. Gryffin newly released, is a security scanner for web content.

gryffin web security guard

Platform Go and JavaScript allows the system administrator to scan URLs for malicious content and gaps that are common such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). Yahoo describes this project as a large-scale web security platforms designed to resolve two specific issues, coverage and scale.

“It could enhance the ability of scanning 1,000 applications today, to 100 thousand applications to scale horizontally,” said Yahoo as reported by The Register. Yahoo platform code is provided on the site GitHub, under a BSD license regular commonly used most of Yahoo’s open source projects. Requirements for running this platform is Go, PhantomJS v2, NSQ distributed messaging system, SqlMap, Arachni, Kibana and Elastic Search.