Windows 10 tested, Good or Bad?

Windows 10 has arrived and is ready for use free of charge, for those who use legal software Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Various leading foreign media also have been doing in-depth review of Windows 10, after a long time use.

Most apparently praised Windows 10 as one of the best operating system from Microsoft. But there is also criticism about the persistence of the bug. Here are some conclusions at the reviews of Windows 10 that already appeared.

windows 10

Geoffrey A. Fowler – Wall Street Journal

I’ve tested Windows 10 in 3 months in laptop computers and even at that I use everyday. It was the best experience of using PCs since Windows XP. I felt familiar cause is wear.

The Start menu is back and all applications slid in a standard desktop view. Basically, if you know how to use Windows XP, you will not have problems with Windows 10. In addition to the familiar, Windows 10 also fresh.

Tom Warren – The Verge

Windows 10 really interesting. I now rarely touch my MacBook Air because of the combination of good hardware in the Dell XPS 13 and Windows 10 is fun to use is common in the cycle of Windows, there are versions bad, then good version. Windows 10 is a great improvement from Windows 8 and that we all expect. What about the next version? Microsoft said there will be no more. This is the last Windows and Microsoft will continue to improve in the coming year. So, the best part of Windows 10 is the end of the cycle of good and bad.

Devindra Hardawar – Engadget

Windows 10 desktop delivers the best experience of Microsoft’s wear and many more things. Windows 10 OS tablet is also good and is ready to be a hybrid OS device. Seen as a significant step in the mobile realm. Windows 10 also makes the Xbox One console more useful.

It was great to recommend a new version of Windows without hesitation. If your computer is using Windows 7 and 8, there is no reason not to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer of a free upgrade. And if, for some reason, you have a computer that is older than Windows 7, Windows 10 is good enough excuse to buy a new computer.

Walt Mossberg – Recode

Almost final version which I trials are surprisingly problematic. In particular, I have a problem with the new features of Windows 10’s most sexy, the smart assistant that can be governed voices Cortana, who migrated from Windows Phone to PC.

But, some of the new features of Windows 10 is promising. The balance between new and old style feels right here, and if the bug is removed, Windows 10 would be a great option for those users who like Windows.

David Pogue – Yahoo Tech

You will really like Windows 10. You will almost certainly want to upgrade to Windows 10, mainly because it is available free of charge. But you may not want to do it tomorrow. I suggest you wait 6 weeks. In that time, Microsoft will eliminate most of its bugs and some of your favorite software company will release a version that is compatible with Windows 10.

If you are a fan of PC, you will recognize that Windows 10 is similar to Windows 7, with Cortana and several new features.