WiFi Aware Creating Connected Devices In Instant

WiFi technology continues to be developed up to now. Latest, WiFi will be able to facilitate the smartphone locate a friend’s device was not far without the need for a hotspot.

wifi connected

The technology is named WiFi Aware. Aware WiFi was developed over three years by the WiFi Alliance. Non-profit institutions is composed of big names, including Microsoft, Apple, Intel and others.

Designed for smartphones. Later WiFi can recognize each other, communicate and share information directly without need basic external network or additional tools.

“After finding an interesting service, an application can easily initiate a WiFi connection for follow-up activities such as sharing photos or play multiplayer games,” said Kevin Robinson, Director of Product Marketing Wi-Fi Alliance.

Robinson pointed out when the user arrives at a coffee shop immediately once they got the information when colleagues are not far from him. WiFi Aware also lets users know how much of a queue at the airport gate.

Furthermore, Robinson explained WiFi transmitter Aware does not rely on pre-installed. So that this technology has a longer range than Bluetooth. Additionally, WiFi Aware is claimed not wasteful power during use.

This technology is more efficient than traditional WiFi because it adopted a heartbeat where the ping is synchronized in order to save energy.