Why Google Plus Not Demand?

Last month, Google was split into two services named Photos and Streams. The move could be interpreted as Google’s decision to “throw in the towel” because of the social network to compete against the giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


What is behind the failure of Google+? According to internal sources of Google, this is caused by several reasons.

One of the reasons mentioned is that Google+ is designed to reduce the burden of Google rather than easier for users to connect.

With Google+, Google does not need to manage many user profiles for different services and products provided because a user can simply log in to Google+ to be able to access the various services of the company.

Unfortunately, the experience of social networking is not as simple as that presented other social networks.

The Google+ users should think anyone should be added to each circle. This method is more complicated than simply adding someone as a friend like on Facebook or add others in the network such as LinkedIn.

Another reason relates to the transformation of the pattern of usage towards mobile gadget that is not anticipated to quickly and accurately by Google.

Facebook also late entry into mobile, but the social networking later able to overcome underdevelopment, and then actually make the mobile users as the main source of income.

Instead, Google is too focused on high-resolution photos that are good for desktop users, but slowly opened on mobile devices.

Internal source Google also added other factors, including the resignation of the leadership of Google, Vic Gundotra, a year ago which led to a void in the leadership helm.

Although not developed into a large and active social network like a dream maker, Google+ is not completely fail. Google, for example, can be used as a useful tool for managing photos online.

With Google+, Google also had constructed a solid platform that enable millions of users in the use of various products and services provided by the company of the search engine giant.