What’s In a Domain Name?

A domain name is how your customers find your business. They may not remember your numeric address, but a good domain name is easy to remember. It represents an actual physical point on the Internet, and when a customer enters your domain name, they reach your IP address. When you buy a domain name, it is recommended to make it the same as your website name.

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How to Choose a Good Domain Name?

It’s not easy to choose a good domain name. There are some tips that may help make it easier.

  • Choose a .com. You may have the choice of .net, .info, or others. A .com address has better name recognition. More people remember addresses that end with .com. Also, search engines often view .com address as belonging to stable businesses.
  • Choose several domain extensions. You may be able to choose several versions of the same name. It wouldn’t be good if a competitor had your domain name with .biz. If possible, get .com, .biz and .net with the same domain name. This will keep you ahead of competitors. Also, you should get Top Level Domains (TLDs) for your domain name if they are available. Another reason for several domain names is to promote different products or services your business offers. You can also have different advertising strategies with different names. Finally, if you have the common misspellings of your name, your visitors won’t be sent to an error page.
  • Choose a short name. It is recommended that a good domain name is no more than three words. Some unusual domain names are easy to get, but if yours is a bit more generic, it may be difficult. The answer to this problem is not to make the name longer. Customers won’t be able to remember a long name, and even if they do a search for you, they could be sent to your competitors.
  • Choose a simple name that is straightforward and not trying to be cute. It’s also better to avoid abbreviations and numbers. For example, name4u may cause misdirection and misunderstandings. Try not to use tricks. Just find up to three simple words that relate to your business or service.

Once your domain name is registered, you must have a hosted website that includes a numeric address, your IP address, for visitors to use your domain name to reach your business. There are other uses for domain names such as:

  • Sell a domain name you don’t use to someone who wants it
  • Protect you brand by registering several similar domain names
  • Keep it for later. Once it’s registered, you don’t have to use it for the length of your registration

It’s better to choose the best domain name for the long-term. You can change it if you want, but moving a site from one URL to another is a complicated process. You could lose visitors to your website as well as SEO value.