What Can I Expect When Using Construction Management Services

Comprehensive construction management services help make any project nearly worry-free. Nearly every detail is supervised to allow the project to keep moving forward to meet the completion date. Below are a few services to expect with construction management services.

Construction Management

Physical Construction Oversite

Construction management services provide an umbrella oversite of the numerous structural and utility contractor activities. Maintaining quality communication between contractor services allows more work to get done in less time. Scheduling and performance monitoring provides a more straightforward way to stay on track with set goals for completion times. Everyone is given autonomy to get their portion of the project complete without the hassles of serious miscommunications.

Weekly Meetings and Updates

The managers and supervisors of each contractor team gather weekly for updates and meeting news. It is a great way to keep everyone on the same page and understanding the deadlines everyone has to meet for the following week. It provides the perfect time to voice any problems and discuss any needed changes that are not emergent.

Budget Controls and Pay Application Approvals

Knowing where the budget stands for the project at any moment in time is crucial. You need to stay aware of budget concerns and possible overages. Avoiding depleting the budget too soon preserves the completion date. You do not want to scramble for additional finances due to a simple oversight in the budget. All payments to contractors should have documentation to back up the claims and funds spent.

Permit Monitoring

Timely application for permits keeps the project rolling along without any significant downtime. Close monitoring of the permit process is a valuable asset to have on your construction team.

Progress Reports and Recording

It is beneficial to have a management team available to document the progress of the project, offer percentage completion figures, and document it all with paperwork, pictures and the use of UAV survey/mapping technology. You will have the ability to see the work progress without being on site each day.

Bid Soliciting, Contract Review, and Document Security

Accepting bids, reviewing contracts, and managing documents is time-consuming work. Construction management professionals can gather the bids for determination of contract awards, review each contract for integrity and follow-up, and keep the records in a secure location.

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