Want to Have a Quick Six Pack Stomach? Try This Application

Technology industry, particularly in developing applications and gadgets is increasingly focused on developing the sport devices that are connected to the default application. Call it Jawbone, Fitbit, and much more. Everything is designed to make users more healthy, strong, and even slimmer.

Slendertone Connect Abs

Now comes Slendertone Abs Connect, a healthcare application that serves as a user makes a personal trainer. This application does not merely function as a fitness tracker like other applications, however, uniquely Slendertone can turn its body shape becomes more athletic and have a six pack.

Applications made by companies Slendertone also presented in the form of a belt wearable devices that can be used with default application, and can be downloaded directly exclusively on the Apps Store for the iPhone. Presenting five fitness program `motivational` concept, the user can directly connect the application directly to the belt worn via a Bluetooth connection.

Slendertone Abs Connect in fact sold in their own country, the United States. In fact, a consumer who is a woman who has given birth is able to get into shape in just a matter prima few weeks.

Other applications such as fitness tracker, the user can set goals and alerts during the training process takes place. This application will compile a weekly report, based on how many training sessions were conducted and how many percent of the intensity of the stimulation of muscle growth is formed.

This allows users to know how much longer he grabbed the desired body shape. In addition, this application also offers tips on healthy and nutritional advice should be consumed by users.

Belt-related devices, there are three gels are stored in the belt to stimulate the muscles with electrical pressure. Revealed, wearing a belt for 30 minutes was equivalent to a sit-up 202 times.

The application can be downloaded free indeed, but the belts are sold in the market seems to be priced at £ 179.99