Wafer Dicing Equipment is Beneficial

When workers tackle cutting routines that involve wafers, they use modern equipment with highly advanced features. One of the most efficient equipment options for a wafer slicing project relies on water. The thin water generates pressure, and the intensity of the currents strategically slices through a wafer.

Dicing Services

Options for Complicated Situations

If you need to cut through an industrial wafer material that’s thick, you can effectively accomplish this task with precision by operating a wafer cutting tool. On average, a typical water-based wafer cutting tool can cut throughout a silicon slab that’s up to 12 inches thick, and the water effectively glides along a dedicated zone throughout the entire cutting process.

The big benefit is that modern wafer cutting tools that are used in general production facilities can cut through different batches of silicon products without any hassle. This means that companies can get professional results in a timely manner when small or large wafer quantities are needed.

Strategic Measurements

When wafer dicing tools are operated during tactic cutting projects, the water blasts through the material based on specific measurements. By making proper adjustments, an industrial worker can produce cuts that have razor thin or thick measurements. The largest cuts can reach up to 300mm, and the results are always accurate since the dicing mechanism operates automatically. If unit is configured properly, it could also cut pizza wafers and unique reticles. However, in order to produce these results, a wafer dicing tool must be isolated.

Because there are many businesses that specialize in wafer dicing services, the process of tackling a cutting project isn’t a hassle. Many companies that provide this specific wafer cutting service use the latest tools to ensure practical results. Modern wafer tools that use water as a blade generate professional results consistently by relying of micro precision components.