Vehicle Wraps for Your Fleet: What to Consider

Vehicle wraps are a good form of advertising. They’re affordable, memorable, and they generate thousands of views every month. On a practical note, they provide a layer of protection for your vehicle’s exterior.

fleet vehicle graphics


Vehicle wraps essentially turn vehicle fleets into moving billboards. Before installing the graphics, it’s important to design a message that will be quickly and easily understood. Complex designs on moving vehicles may confuse potential customers, so make sure yours is simple, memorable and targeted.

A graphic designer and marketing professional can help you design a wrap that’ll work for your company.

Vehicle Style

Keep in mind the types of vehicles you’ll use. You may only have one or two types of vehicles in your fleet now, but will that be true in five or ten years? There are cars, trucks, sports-utility vehicles, mini-vans, passenger vans and semi-trucks to consider.

If you envision your business growing to encompass additional vehicle types, plan your wrap design accordingly.


The location where the fleet vehicle graphics are installed is important to their longevity. They should be mounted in a clean, controlled environment by a professional.

High-quality vinyl wraps installed by a trained expert will cost more than those installed by an amateur but will last longer and present a more professional image to your clients. Cracked, peeling vinyl detracts from your fleet’s appearance and sends an unprofessional message.


Vehicle wraps protect vehicles’ exteriors from scratches and fading paint. This protects and may increase their resale value. It’s important to choose quality vinyl since it provides the most protection.


While the initial costs are high, you’ll get your money back many times over. Unlike advertising on billboards, the web and television, there are no prolonged expenditures to consider. If you design your graphics correctly and have them professionally installed on high-quality vinyl, your installation will be a one-time investment.


Wrapping your vehicle fleet in custom graphics is a smart marketing move. It’s not terribly expensive to have done, and using high-quality vinyl will allow the wraps to last for years. It’s important to hire a professional installer and plan your design with the future in mind.