Used Nokia Maps on Android Facebook

Nokia maps application is called Here currently is being ogled many large technology companies. However, secretly Facebook was already integrated into the social network.

nokia here maps

Facebook is rumored to have signed a cooperation with Here Map to the mobile version of Facebook, the following instant messaging applications Facebook Messenger and Instagram photo app on Android.

“We tested the maps Nokia Here in Facebook to give us more control and flexibility in delivering a consistent experience maps,” wrote Facebook official statement.

Facebook spokesman also confirmed it by saying, “I confirm that we (Facebook) are testing the map Here in the version of Android and some apps like Instagram and Messenger as well.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman said it was pleased Here its chart can be used by Facebook users.

Previously, as is known, Facebook using Microsoft’s map service, namely Bing in the social network.

Here maps application made by Nokia itself now attracted the attention of large IT companies. They want to integrate it with their own services.

Besides Facebook, some large companies that are known bemrinat buy Nokia Here, among others, Apple, Samsung, Uber, Baidu, Alibaba, and Yahoo.

Nokia itself willing to sell his business unit’s map with a value of about 2 billion US dollars. The price could rise again given the data owned by Nokia is very important.

By selling the mapping unit, Nokia wants to concentrate on the business and mobile network services.