Use Effective Printer Management Systems

Printer management can offer a long-lasting solution to cutting waste and saving everything from money to the planet.

xeretec printer management system

Companies choosing to use managed print services (MPS), for example, can see efficiency levels rise, costs come down and investment returns go up. Organisations can also see their carbon footprint go down – something that can be a real boon for businesses in a world where environmental friendliness can be a real differentiator.

MPS Explained

Many companies and organisations make the mistake of not considering their printing and copying activities enough. This leads to unnecessary expenditure, reduced efficiency and excessive waste.

Managed print services can help to drive up efficiency levels whilst lowering costs with the use of services and software tools specially designed to give business owners control over their printing and copying activity.

Real Savings on Offer

It is known that effective MPS and the use of adequate printer management systems could save businesses around £147 per year per employee. This can add up to huge savings, achieved by simply improving the copying and printing infrastructure and managing the amount of operational and capital expenditure focussed on these tasks.

These savings can be made through waste reduction and reduced expenditure, whilst further financial benefits can be gained as a result of increased efficiency and the fact that staff members can be freed up to focus their attention on core business needs rather than ‘wasting’ time unnecessarily on excessive printing and copying functions.

Effective Printing Management

Good printing and printer management should begin with an audit in order to highlight a business’s printing and copying usage across all types of print devices. Companies specialising in MPS can make use of secure software which is installed on to a business network to monitor devices as they work over a period of time.

The results of this audit can dictate the best solution for effective management and cost-saving, whilst MPS specialists can continually monitor devices remotely to ensure continued best practice.

The Benefits of Printer Management

Increased efficiency is one of the major benefits of good printer management, meaning that consumables are ordered when required, ensuring that over-purchasing is not a problem and nor is running out of materials and putting business needs at risk.

The use of printer management systems and MPS can also ensure that problems are highlighted early, and as specialist companies can even fix issues remotely, there is less chance of faults having a negative or costly impact on business.

Another benefit of modern printing management is that consideration can be given to optimise the potential for the use of mobile print technology. This can prevent both time and money being wasted by allowing efficient and managed printing and copying in a wide range of settings and locations.

Managed printing can also help to ensure security for documents and be beneficial in the provision of copy and privacy usage data and audit trails, whilst improving the green credentials of businesses.

Excessive or unnecessary printing and copying can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of a business through the wastage of everything from paper to toner and ink. Adequate printing management, meanwhile, can reduce this waste and prevent the unnecessary use of energy as well.