US Intelligence Planned Planting Malware on Play Store

New facts back revealed about the activities of cyber espionage National Security Agency (NSA). Based on the reports PC World, US spy agencies have in fact he had attempted to smuggle malware, aka malicious programs to the Android application store a few years ago.


This was revealed through a leaked document recently released by former NSA contractor once whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The document in question is a slide presentation in the workshop that was held together NSA other intelligence agencies from Canada, England, New Zealand and Australia, known as the country’s “Five Eyes” (five eyes).

Store applications that are victims of NSA is the Google Play Store and App Store Samsung. The method is performed NSA is hijack the connection between the smartphone and the server application store, then install malware on the target device.
The Intercept One of the slides in the presentation document that revealed the NSA attempts to smuggle malware to Android application store

Attacks models of man-in-the-middle as it actually had been anticipated by Samsung and Google to implement TLS encryption. But security experts have long speculated that the NSA had found a way to break the protection.

After the malicious program is embedded, the rear-view mirror NSA can collect personal data in secret, including the contact list and location information.

Circuit NSA document leaked by Snowden this time dated November 2011 until February 2012. It is not clear whether the plan to insert malware into the Android application store has been completely executed or not.

Previously, other documents leaked by Snowden also helped reveal that the NSA attempted to install malware via the SIM card is stolen.