Updates Google Maps New Feature Voice Commands

Google Maps currently present in version 9.36.0 beta and launched into a variety of devices based on the operating system (OS) Android. These updates include new features, both for the program Local Guides or other users.

google maps

Users who follow Local Guides can make a list of places that have been saved. Only Local Guides 4 level that could make a list, such as “Best burgers in Manhattan,” “July 2017 trip to Mexico City,” or “Places to take mom or dad when they visit.”

If you meet the requirements, you can group various locations in a number of categories such as “Favorites,” and “Want to go.”

For other users, the update presents a new voice command feature. You can ask Google Maps for “avoid tolls” or “avoid highways.”

Through the feature, Google Maps will give directors turn-by-turn to the destination by avoiding locations that had been desired.

Google Maps will provide feedback to inform you that your message is heard and clear. If you change your mind, you can replace the word “avoid” was to “allow”.

This update also includes notification of the traffic around, so that you can receive traffic conditions based on the location.

Curious to try out this new feature? You can download the latest version of Google Maps on the Google Play Store.