Update Google Chrome To Save Battery Consumption

Google continues to undertake a number of improvements to Chrome browser. This time, the company delivers improvements in the form of an update. In this renewal Google claims Chrome is faster and more efficient so as to save battery consumption.

google chrome update

Launched under the name “Chrome 45”, a number of improvements that have some fresh tricks can save memory.

For example, the tab is automatically restored “from the most recently viewed” as the Chrome browser you stop suddenly. When your computer is running out of resources, the browser will stop and restore the rest of the tab to save your memory.

Google Chrome can now detect when a web page is not busy is used, and use the free time to remove it so as to provide space for memory.

“With Gmail, for example, we can free up nearly a quarter of the memory used by the tab,” they wrote.

To save power, Chrome will automatically stop Flash content that are not central to the web page. According to the Google team, tests showed saving battery power.