Two New Features Twitter for Customer Service

As a communication platform that is a live, public, and conversational, Twitter is the best place for brands and consumers to connect. With millions of customer service-related interactions that occur every month, more than 80 percent of customer service requests received brand, going on Twitter.

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Twitter introduces two new features to make the customer service at this platform better: features to help customers move from Tweet to Direct Message and Customer Feedback – a new way to ask for feedback from consumers.

1. Easy Ways to Start a Direct Message

The conversation around customer service often begins with a Tweet, but then must move to a Direct Message as more private channel, when the brand requires personal information.

Now, the transfer process can be performed with just one click. Brand can add links in their Tweets that automatically displays the action button, which allows customers to send Direct Message directly, quickly and easily.

2. Customer Feedback

The next feature, namely Customer Feedback, allowing users to give feedback or feedback to the brand after the interaction with the customer service team. Feedback is open through Tweets and Direct Message widely favored customer service team in the brand, but they also need the ability to perform a structured customer surveys to help improve the service.

In addition, Customer Feedback also allows customers to share feedback with the brand after their interaction with the customer service team. With this feature, the brand will be able to use industry standard formats two questions: ScoreSM (NPS®) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Starting today, every brand can add a link to Direct Message deep in their Tweet, while Customer Feedback will be released in the next few weeks.

Communicating via Direct Message related customer service actually is not new in Indonesia. Many brands have used Twitter to do so. Some of them even have been using Twitter for customer service with innovative ways.