Twitter Have New Features Project Lightning

Twitter has a new feature to generate appeal, so that more people are using their platform. This time, Twitter announced Project Lightning.

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This feature involves the live event and rely on content such as photos and videos. The live event including a major event in the calendar like the Super Bowl sporting event, the final of the FA Cup or the Oscars. Does not rule out other events that arise spontaneously.

Kevin Weil governing the Project Lightning say that this new feature offers a great evolution and change. He adds, the software will support cultural events and certain moments or interesting things that are around you based on the user’s location.

He further said, Lightning Project features allow users to package content with richer information. With this new feature, companies are trying to attract new users and make money from the service.

This new feature announcements appear in the middle of the news that Dick Costolo will come out of his position as CEO. Costolo announced his resignation as CEO of Twitter and his official release as of July 1, 2015.

One of the founder or co-founder Jack Dorsey will fill the position left by Dick Costolo temporary until new leaders emerge to replace him.