Turns Working at Apple was not fun

Apple Inc., may be the most coveted technology company by IT workers. However, recognition of former Apple employees is probably going to change that view.

apple office

Ben Farrell, who recently quit his job at the Apple offices in Sydney, Australia, wrote down his experiences while working at Apple in his blog.

In the blog post, Farrell said that Apple employees must be able to work sixteen hours a day, which is filled with one meeting to the next meeting.

Farrell who formerly worked as a Quality Program Manager for AppleCare technical support program was claimed to be happy after being out of work that might be coveted by many people.

“Sixteen hours a day filled with meetings continuously, may be used in other companies, but it was such a meeting at Apple to drop the agenda (career) someone,” Farrell wrote in his official blog.

Culture within Apple, according to Farrell not only have high demands, but also petty and most employees try each other down so himself successful.

Spirit in the team is almost nothing because, according to Farrell everybody attacking each other and have an agenda to please himself.

Statement Farrell about the condition of the office that he thinks Apple is not healthy it also caused him to lose time with family.

“I reject the official travel because of the time it had to accompany my wife who was pregnant, who fell down the stairs and had to be hospitalized,” said Farrell.

But because of rejecting official travel, Farrell’s performance appraisal becomes minus, and brought to the management level, although emergency family reasons above have been expressed Farrell.

In addition, Farrell also admitted his tone often get the message that attacking via his smartphone. It happened not know the time, whether in the office or when he had gone home.

“You do not online? Status you’re away, you read a message I do not?” Thus exemplified Farrell.

Farrell also admitted often receive voicemail rough when he said minutes late in meeting a meeting. He also frequently abused associated with the work ethic Australia.

According to the management who came from Singapore, the Australian was not friendly and only want to work with fellow Australians only.