Treatments for Ovarian Cysts

An ovarian cyst is a type of cyst that forms on a woman’s ovary. The symptoms of a cyst can range from bloating to a heavy feeling around the abdomen that makes you feel like you just ate a heavy meal. Many women also experience a sharp or dull pain that centers on the side of the body. While you can deal with a cyst at home with some rest and over the counter medications, you may want to see help from a doctor. After the doctor diagnoses your condition, he or she can go over the treatments for ovarian cysts.

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Birth Control

If you are at risk of developing ovarian cysts, your doctor may recommend that you go on birth control. Hormonal birth control options regulate the natural production of hormones to keep you from getting pregnant. These pills and other methods can also reduce your risk of developing cysts in the future. The only problem is that these methods will not work on any cysts that you already have. Even if your body increases its production of hormones, those new hormones will not change the size of your cyst.


Doctors will only recommend surgery if you meet some specific guidelines. The cyst must remain for at least two of your most recent cycles, and some doctors will only perform surgery if you experienced pain and other symptoms for at least three cycles. A doctor can also recommend a high resolution ultrasound to see what the cyst looks like and to compare images taken at multiple points in time. If the cyst keeps growing and putting more pressure on your body, surgery may be the best option. The doctor may want to do a biopsy and take a sample to determine if the mass is cancerous too.

Home Remedies

Though some women need surgery to remove their ovarian cysts, other women can cope with this medical condition at home. Cysts can cause no more pain than you usually experience during your period, and some women do not even realize that they have one. If you do develop a cyst, you can take a wait and see approach. Using a heating pad, taking over the counter medications to treat your pain and relaxing at home can help you feel better. If the pain and other symptoms worsen, you can talk with your doctor about medical treatments for ovarian cysts.