Training Tips When Hiring Transcribers to Work from Home

Transcribers are professional employees who are responsible for taking the data that you save and correctly uploading it on to your server. They often work in medical facilities and have a familiarity with some of the medical terminology that you use on a daily basis. The best workers will also understand how to spell the medications that you prescribe to patients and the treatments that you offer. Hiring employees who can work from home helps you save on operating costs, but you’ll still need to use the right tips when training those new workers.


Set an Example

Setting an example is just one way in which you can train transcribers who will work from home. Many medical facilities use Skype and other programs that let them watch those workers. The workers can watch you too. Show them exactly what you expect them to do each day. You can show them how to log into your system and log out at the end of a shift, how to use audio software to listen to the files that you send and how to upload the files that they create.

Watch Them

While you do want to show new workers how to do tasks on the job, you’ll also want to watch them to see if they can handle those tasks. You may want to go over some tasks a few times, but you can then give workers temporary log in information that they can use to log in and try those same tasks. If you notice any errors, point it out right away. If a worker keeps clicking the wrong button when using VoiceScribe or keeps closing a program by accident, you need to go over those things again and make sure that each worker can handle all the duties of the job.

Go Over Everything

Though you might feel confident that you hired a good group of workers because they understand the software you use and how to transcribe files, it’s important that you go over everything. If an employee forgets to log in at the beginning of the day or doesn’t log out at the end of the day, it’s almost impossible to determine how much that person actually worked. You’ll also want to explain what they can and cannot do while working from home. Going over tasks multiple times and explaining what the job entails helps transcribers know what to do on the job.