Top Ways For Deep Concealment

While there are quite a few states which allow for the concealed carry of firearms, there are many legal gun owners who are looking for the best ways to carry via deep concealment. This means that it is not obvious that one is carrying a gun and that no outline can be seen. This can be chosen for the sake of fashion or just for the sake of not advertising that one is armed.

Undertech undercover

There are a few companies on the market to this burgeoning need. Companies such as provide specialty clothing which is both fashionable and functional for any gun enthusiast. Here are a few types of concealed carry clothing that many firearms experts recommend.

Women may choose hip holsters that are worn over the underwear but under the outer layers of clothing. The holster is essentially a belt that is worn on the hip. Standard hip holsters come with four pockets to holster guns on either the left or right side and in the front or back. They also have four additional pockets for either extra clips of ammunition or other self-defense items such as knives or sprays.

Also for women, there are such things as garter holsters. These function much the same way as a traditional garter does. There are pockets to hold a firearm on either the right or left and they have clips so that they me worn with actual garter belts. Ladies love these options as they can still dress like a woman but stay armed as well.

Some gun owners who live in more urban areas like to make use of a fold-over leather pouch that works great for deep concealment. It works just like a traditional holster but has a fold over flap which is pulled up before the gun can be drawn. It has won rave reviews due to the fact it makes carrying a gun down the front of your pants much more comfortable.

These are just a few of the options that gun enthusiasts have to make sure they stay within the bounds of the law while still being able to exercise their right of concealed carry.