Tips Transfer photos from DSLR to Smartphone

In the past, move photos from your DSLR camera can not directly to the smartphone. Now, with today’s technology, you can transfer photos from a DSLR to mobile phones without the need to move temporarily to a computer.

tips transfer photo

For some people, this is very important because there is still a need for high-quality image quality. Here are tips to do the above.

Any way? Consider the following review:

1. Wireless (Wireless)

Most cameras output are now equipped with wireless transfer features or without wires. So, you need a Wi-Fi connection around.

Turn on the Wi-Fi feature in a DSLR camera and connect it to your network connection. You must activate the hotspot feature. Then there will be a companion app from DSLR cameras that will appear on your smartphone.

The application will display the photos on DSLR camera and you can download to be stored in the phone. One brand that has these features is the Panasonic Lumix GH4 I. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

2. Wireless SD Card

If your camera does not have the above features, do not worry. There are other ways to do, which is put on the wireless SD Card in DSLR cameras. Once connected to the network connection, you can instantly move pictures or videos to your phone.

Some brands that have this kind of products include Sandisk, which has a memory capacity of 32GB. This product can be found at many stores gadget accessories.

3. Transfer of DSLR to Android and iOS

What if two of the above did not support a DSLR camera? There are still other ways, namely the cable adapter. This tool may be a reference you are more likely to physical devices. And you do not need to be confused about the connection for cable technologies faster.

a. Android

For Android users, you need an adapter USB On the Go (OTG) and SD Card to embed OTG. You also need a USB connector on the camera. New lah, OTG cable plug into an Android device and connect the camera Connector USB OTG adapter to your Android.

After that, a notification will appear on your phone screen that displays ‘Touch’ to see more options. If the display window appears, select Photo Transfer (PTP) -> Explore. You can freely view the entire picture stored on the SD Card DSLR to be transferred to your Android device.

b. iPhone / iPad

IOS-based device users can use the SD Card Reader to import photos and videos directly from the SD Card. For that, you need Lightning (plugs iPhone / iPad) original to be connected to the camera’s USB adapter, and a USB hub to USB adapter 3 cameras

How to import, among others:

1. Plug the USB or Lightning Lightning on the USB adapter 3 to the iPhone or iPad.
2. If you use a Lightning to USB adapter, pin USB hub to the adapter and plug into electricity
3. However, if you wear a Lightning to USB 3, connect the adapter to the mains using a Lightning port
4. Unlock your iOS device and connect it to the Lightning to SD Card adapter USB 3 or USB hub
5. In a few moments, the Photos application will appear and display the content on the SD Card. You can import or delete it.