Tips to Watch YouTube Without Spend Quota

Nothing was already 10 years are present YouTube. This website comes with a variety of videos that can be enjoyed directly or downloaded in advance or Offline. YouTube was already present in the mobile version is included in the Android OS.

Tips to Watch YouTube Without Spend quotas

So no wonder, the presence of Youtube for Android users is often used gadgets such as smartphones and tablets to fill their spare time. Unfortunately, given the content in this application is the video, often spend your gadget internet quota. Though there are some tips and tricks for Android YouTube app is optimized for these applications when used. Here’s how to watch a video on YouTube on Android devices without the need to run out of quota internet:

Limit Data Usage

Watch and upload videos would be very draining your internet data quota. Sometimes you do not realize it until the quota is completely depleted to watch a video only. Fortunately, YouTube has a way to overcome this problem from happening again. you simply go to the settings menu by tapping the vertical three-point regular in the right corner of applications.

Tap the general section and activate Mobile Data Usage Limit option. By enabling this option, YouTube will play HD video with a resolution of the smartphone when you are in a WiFi network no matter how fast your data network. This of course saves your data usage.

Save videos to watch later

One feature that is quite helpful is the playlist feature that allows users to store videos on YouTube to watch in the future. With this feature, users do not have to bother looking for more video to be watched. Interestingly, this feature is present for all devices. so you can save the playlist on a smartphone and then open the video on the laptop.

Remove ads and download videos

For tips and tricks on YouTube Android this time may have to pay, but this is quite comparable to you who want to enjoy video on YouTube better. You can download paid applications YouTube Music Key.

With this feature, you can watch the video without having to be bothered advertisements. This feature also allows users to listen to the video in the background despite being open other applications. Not only that, this application also allows users to download YouTube videos directly on the Android without having to use other applications.