Tips to remove duplicate contacts in Android

Android smartphone owners definitely not be disturbed if there were some contacts in the phone book are duplicated. For example, there is more than one contact with the same name and number in the phone book. In fact, it seems you just store it once.

duplicated contact

Here are tips on how to remove this duplicate contacts from your Android smartphone, as quoted from Android Pit.

1. Remove from contacts in Android

The first way to do through the contacts application on Android. Indeed, the contacts application depends on the manufacturer of each device. But in Android Lollipop, you simply need to ‘tap’ a name then ‘edit’ (marked with the pencil icon), then remove.

You may also have two entries for the same contact, a contact email another phone number. To connect, try editing by opening the More menu (denoted by three vertical dots) and ‘tap Join’ or combine. Then you only select, which contacts you want to merge.

Even so, some Android smartphones like Samsung looking icon on the contact page link that connects the two contacts together into one.

2. Through the web version of Gmail

Easier and more convenient to manage your Google contacts from the web interface, for example from Gmail. How, click the drop-down menu located at the top left of your inbox (rectangular-shaped collection next to your name).

Then select contacts from the contact list on a virtual address book. By default, Gmail web will tell you, how many contacts duplicate.

Gmail web also provides the option to merge or not change it at all.

If you want to do it manually, can be done by selecting the same two contacts and then select the arrow symbol in the top left of the virtual address book.

Furthermore, you only need to wait a minute and a second contact that you want to merge also automatically incorporated.

3. Use the merge contacts application

Keep in mind, there are actually a variety of applications in Android that allows you to organize your contacts. However, applications Simpler Duplicates Merge allows you to merge your contacts who duplicate as that of the Gmail web.

Applications that originates in the contact’s phone can identify the contacts that have the potential match each other (by name). Then, the application will provide a review and let you choose which options to do at the contact.