Tips photo backup in the cloud via Google Photo

Google Photo present by default in Android devices. Thus, if you want to backup photos of cloud services, everything can be done with Google Drive.

google photo cloud

Currently, the use of cloud data storage is considered more secure, because usually computing company did not provide the opportunity for outside parties to access the data stored in the cloud.

Then, what if you want to backup your photos and videos to the cloud storage service? The following tips you can do to save photos and videos to the cloud.

1. Go to Google Photo on your Android smartphone

2. Tap the photo you want to upload to Google Drive or tap and hold some of the photos you want to upload

3. Tap the Share button in the top of the screen. Then select the Sharing icon to share your photos, select the Google Drive

4. Tap Save To Drive

5. Tap Accounts, and then select the Google account connected to Google Drive

6. Tap Folder, to select which folders used to store photos Google Drive

7. Tap the folder you have chosen to save the photo. Then the Select Folder in the lower right side on your smartphone screen

8. Tap Save in the lower right side of the screen smartphone

Then, the photo will be uploaded to the location you have chosen in Google Drive. You will get a notification when finished.

Google Drive itself provides 15GB of storage space area for free to users.