Tips on Securing Mobile from Hacker Attacks

Smartphones have become part of everyday life. No matter you are a housewife, the CEO of a company or a social media activist, your smartphone be your personal assistant that govern finance, store address, set a schedule and media to connect with friends and family.

smartphone hacker attack

Email, sensitive information, photos and addresses all important in smartphones that we have and if it is lost it will be very difficult to get the data back.

In the digital era, as now, the criminals not only target the selling price of smartphone you have, but also the information contained therein. Such as credit card data, email passwords, and other social media which when calculated value is far more valuable than your smartphone is lost.

So, what needs to be done to secure your smartphone? The following tips were written by cyber security experts, communication and information systems, research institutions CISSReC Chairman (Communication and Information System Security Research Center)

Always Backup Your Personal Data

This is a preventive measure to speed up the recovery after the loss of a smartphone. All personal data stored can be readily re-used without having to remember or even reprocess personal account to authorities such as email or e-banking account so as not to interfere with your daily routine.

Avoid Saving Password in Browser

If the thieves managed to get into your main screen, the first to be done is to check whether there is an account browser biased perform automatic login and commit identity theft. Thieves can use your email to spread the demand for money or even access your internet banking to do anything irresponsible. Always make it a habit to not take the automatic login option when prompted your browser.

Always Lock Your Gadgets

All modern smartphone is equipped with a screen lock (lock screen) that requires us to enter a password before the pattern or bias to screen main entrance. The lock screen is the first defense when your smartphone is stolen by irresponsible people.

Thieves will take time to be able to break your password if you want to steal the data of your personal data, so you have time to do the next steps in this article.

Posting Tracking Smartphone Applications

To ensure that your smartphone is stolen is not tucked away in a car or in a corner of the house, you must make sure premises do tracking or tracking of your smartphone. If the position of the smartphone is far from where you normally it can be suspected stolen smartphone. Moreover, if the place is always moving then certainly the smartphone has been stolen.

For many applications the Android platform circulating in the play store which can be used to track the location of your smartphone. If you are in the iOS platform, Apple provides a default application for tracking the Find My iPhone. This location information is also useful when reporting this incident to the authorities.

Delete Data Whole

To secure the overall data helps us perform a total erasure of data in order to prevent acts of abuse. Usually the application to track the location also provides services to remotely delete data (remotely wipe off), such as the Find My iPhone app for example.

Make sure this option is available before installing the application. Also make sure the application is from a trusted source so that we are sure the data is completely erased and are not backed up elsewhere.

Deactivation Telephone Number

After all the above steps do the final step is to contact your mobile operator and perform deactivation telephone number. So that your number is not used for criminal offenders commit other crimes.