Tips on canceling a sent Email

Have you ever been frustrated at sending an email? For example, you’re upset about being given a lot of work by the boss at the office and you want to talk to friends via email. Due to dizziness, accidentally email your curhatan instead sent to the boss.

send email

If you’ve ever experienced this kind of thing, it’s very annoying is not it? But do not worry, it turns out some email service presents a menu ako aka cancellation when the user sends an email to the wrong person.

The Gmail and Outlook email service providers have a cancellation function. Come, see the exposure below.

1. Cancel Email in Gmail

Gmail does not have the option of canceling email in Outlook. However, the company presents a function that allows users to “unsent” alias cancel email delivery a few seconds after the “Send” button is clicked by the user. How to activate it is easy.

First, go to Settings or Settings in your Gmail (marked with a gear icon, below the user photo Click the “Settings” menu, then you can activate the Undo Sent option by giving a check mark.

Then, you can set the option of cancellation time, between 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds. Do not forget to save the settings.

Furthermore, once this setting is on, every time you finish sending an email, you’ll see a pop-up notification with the Undo / Undo option.

If you do not cancel the message, you can choose Undo / Undo. However, it should be underlined, this option only works according to the time you choose before the message is actually sent to the intended person.

2. Cancel Email in Outlook

In Outlook, the setting to cancel message delivery is somewhat different from Gmail. Outlook does not rely on time to cancel email delivery.

In addition, there is no guarantee whether the recipient of the message has opened the email. It could be that the cancellation only happens in the sender’s account only settings, but the email arrives at the recipient.

Way, you just need to open sent email folder “Sent”. Next, you can double-click on the message you want to cancel. Then, select the “Actions” button at the top of the message, then you can select “Recall this message”.

Users will be given two options, one to delete the canceled email, another to delete the canceled message and then replace it with a new email.