Tips for Safe Use webcams in the MacBook

Webcam become one of the features that can be used to have a conversation via video. Webcam can be used for FaceTime, Skype, to selfie.

However, webcam are still active can make you become the target of hackers. Therefore, you should be careful in using a webcam to keep it secure.


Here are tips you can do to disable the webcam in a MacBook to stay safe when used.

Close lens

One way you can do to use the webcam is covering the lenses in your MacBook. You can put a little tape on the camera.

Mute Microphone

Video is not the only active when you are using a webcam. One of them also need to be secured is a microphone on your webcam.

Set Volume Level

The other method that you can do to make it safer to use the webcam was set the volume level. This would make it more difficult hacker in action.

Monitor activity webcam

Alternatively you can do is monitor outcomes any activities that have been done in webcam. This can prevent you from becoming a victim of hackers.