Tips Before Buying Gadgets Genuine or Fake

Be careful in choosing a smartphone, because the product is counterfeit when the gadget is not a rare phenomenon. Even now generally a fake product appears very similar to the original, so that consumers often difficult to distinguish where the product is really genuine, real. Well, here are some tips to find the gadget would you buy counterfeit or genuine.

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Identification of Design and Performance

Examine carefully from the physical gadgets, and suspicious if you buy a gadget that is lighter than it should be. There is a possibility that the gadget is false, with the use of a component or material that is different from the original.

Identification Availability

Check availability of goods, if indeed at official vendors available, the original goods you buy, but if not, think again whether or not to buy these gadgets, because most likely these gadgets is false.


Check warranty on the gadget would you buy. Does the gadget has a factory authorized warranty or guarantee of shops selling these gadgets. When the gadget is the original manufacturer’s warranty then it can be said that the goods are genuine, but if the warranty is the only warranty offered by the store, you need to reconsider.

Price identification

It’s good to know the price of the gadget that you want to buy in advance. If the price offered is only reached half the price of the price in other places, you need to be suspicious. It may be that the goods are stolen goods or contraband goods that have not paid taxes and most likely also the goods are pirated.

Product Codes & Details Features

Before buying check the product specifications and features, whether it is in accordance with the gadget that you bought, besides looking for the manufacturer and check the product code of the sales list is usually located on the battery.