Throughout 2015 there were 300 more bugs in Adobe Flash

This year, Adobe Flash has been relatively productive ‘produce’ bug. Throughout the year 2015 alone is estimated to have Adobe Flash vulnerabilities or bugs with no little amount of around 316.


With a considerable number of bugs, it is estimated if Adobe Flash needs to perform bug fixes about 6.1 per week. In fact, it is estimated if in the last quarter of 2015 alone Adobe Flash needs to make improvements on the 113 bug or 1.5 bugs were repaired every day.

Because of these problems, there were some technology companies that previously had to work together with Adobe Flash finally decided to no longer use the services of a company from California, America. One of them is Facebook.

Alex Stamos, Facebook security chief last July unequivocally calling for an end support for Adobe Flash in Facebook after a hacker found a vulnerability or bug in the system spy an Italian security company which allegedly came from a bug Adobe Flash.