Through Meerkat All Can Press

Era live streaming or live broadcast is a consequence of the development of internet technology. Everyone can be connected at a time while stretching distance apart. This concept is maximized application “Meerkat”.

Meerkat latest live streaming applications

Pocket-Lint reported, while the application is only available in Apple’s App Store has more than 15,000 users in its first three days on air, since it was released in late February.

If currently looking #Meerkat on Twitter, there will be thousands of tweets talking about this application, with a link to access the live video of the user.

Some famous names like Path founder Dave Morin and entrepreneur Mark Suster enliven Twitter with the hashtag #Meerkat.

Here’s how to work Meerkat

Meerkat application is available for free on the App Store. Users simply download and log in via Twitter account. After that, the user will see “what’s happening?” or “what is happening?”, like the columns Twitter, in the application Meerkat.

Users can write anything in the column and to provide a link videos uploaded in “real time”. That is, along with the shared link to Twitter, users are conducting a live broadcast. Simply press a button, and users can broadcast live, like the presenter of the news on television news programs.

Friends on Twitter users who also have accounts Meerkat, will be notified by Meerkat to watch the live broadcast is being uploaded user. The live broadcast can also be scheduled.

For example, as do employers Mark’s sister, who told earlier to his followers that he will do a live broadcast in the Meerkat. When users open the link, will appear countdown until the scheduled time.

When the countdown is finished, the user can watch the live broadcast of Sister. On that occasion, the user is allowed to ask anything related to the company that he developed.

Conversely, if the live broadcast has passed airtime, users can no longer watch videos uploaded in real time by someone in the Meerkat.

For example when Dave Morin uploading the direct broadcast on 27 February. The link is still imprinted on Twitter, but when opened, the link will display the inscription “stream over” or broadcast ends.

Interestingly, during the live broadcast aired, broadcast provider can tell the things he wanted to tell. Additionally, users who were watching the broadcast can also provide comments. All comments will appear as a reply to the broadcaster on Twitter account.

So, this application allows users to perform two activities at once. For broadcasters, can broadcast while singing. For the audience, can watch while commenting on and will reply directly anyway booms on Twitter.

Everyone can watch videos uploaded Meerkat users, both in its direct application or through a link on Twitter to be connected to the site Meerkat.

What is the relationship Meerkat and Twitter?

If seen from its mechanism of action, it is clear that meerkats are very reliant on Twitter in a live broadcast its publication. However, until now Twitter has not said anything in this regard.

All possibilities can happen, including the Twitter option to acquire this startup. Some time ago, Twitter had stopped the ability to auto-tweet or twitter Meerkat automatically for users who are being broadcast.

Not hoses how long, the Meerkat confirm that it has been resolved. Said the Meerkat, termination of Twitter is an attempt to prevent spam. After speaking, misunderstanding both have been resolved.

Meerkat party even stated that people on Twitter are cool people. In other words, Twitter seemed warmly welcomed Meerkat success so far.

Meerkat was no longer need to worry that there is a problem with Twitter. Until now, no one can be sure what kind of a continuation of this relationship between the two platforms in the future.

Meerkat come from?

Meerkat founded by Rubin, previously the CEO and founder of applications “Life On Air”. Rubin was first founded Life On Air in 2011 when he was still draw Architectural Studies. In 2013, Life On Air was released in the Apple App Store app store with the name Yevvo.

Now, the whole team Yevvo consisting of 10 people have been drawn to the Meerkat. Applications funded an Israeli firm, Aleph, was used as a side project for fun. The main business of this team before another application is titled “Water”.

The project was later turned into a fad major project after Rubin saw the enthusiasm of netizens are so great against the Meerkat. Rubin stated that the whole team will focus on developing Meerkat.

Rubin and his colleagues also reportedly is planning to develop the Android version of the application, so that it can reach a wider user again. Currently, new Meerkat crowded discussed in the United States.

In the future, application of this new concept could be going to electrify the whole world, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.