This Secret Keys “New Broadcast” in WhatsApp

Features new broadcast presence in one feature WhatsApp. Although initially appearing in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), actually what is the function of the feature.

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Features found in cross-platform messaging application allows users to send messages to many contacts at once.

But for the way the system works, broadcast message which is present in very different WhatsApp and BBM. Follow the steps below to determine the function “New Broadcast” in WhatsApp:

1. The first step WhatsApp applications run as usual and then tap room “Chats”, then select the three points at the top right of the menu and select “New broadcast”.

2. After selecting “New broadcast”, it will display “Add Broadcast List Recipients” and then type the name of the contact you want to input to the broadcast recipient list by tapping the + sign located on the right (add recipient).

3. Furthermore, to send a broadcast message, then tap “Create”. You can write and send a broadcast message to the recipient’s contact. To send the message, at least two contacts and up to 256 contacts in a single message.

4. After the chat panel “New Broadcast” was made, now type the message you want to convey. When finished, press the “send” and all contacts in the list will receive the same message.

For information, to make a broadcast message in WhatsApp spelled the same as making the “Group” new. If the message has been read, users can broadcast list left or deleted form of the Group.

Whereas for BBM, the user can write or copy and paste the message later to check a BBM contact list. Once the message is delivered and read, the recipient is able to perform Broadcast Message “End Chat”.