This Mobile Strongest in the World

A company called Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) that is claimed to create the most powerful smartphone in the world. Phones that are named Turing Phone layered material made Liquidmorphium tougher than titanium or steel.

strongest smartphone

Liquidmorphium material not easily dented despite a very strong severe shocks. But when exposed to the pressure is so great it will be broken.

Liquidmorphium material itself is a mixture of copper, aluminum, nickel, zirconium, and silver. Having different light reflection than aluminum and stainless steel. Turing Phone specifically for the manufacture of added elements aluminum, ceramics, and plastics.

CEO Turing Robotic Industries SYL Chao said that until now there is no manufacturer capable of producing slabs Liquidmorphium more than 10mm. However, it has found that manufacturing can create slabs Liquidmorphium in mass scale.

It says Chao, the current new iPhone 6 which has used this material. It was limited to a SIM card slot only. She estimates that Apple will use the material Liquidmorphium on future iPhone.

To make the device more superior, Chao said, it adds nanoparticle on the outside and inside so that Turing Phone waterproof. “When the phone is submerged, the water entered through the port and part verges phones. But with a nanoparticle, instead of water molecules bounce, can not get into.

Talk specification, vendor based in San Francisco, California, and Shenzen is complete with Snapdragon chipset 801 MSM8974AC Krait Quad 2.5GHz and 3GB RAM.

For security, the smartphone is equipped Turing Imitation processor chip to encrypt data. In addition to the embedded technology also decentralized authentication with static key exchange. With these technologies, Turing Phone creating a protected communications network that is completely isolated and secure.

In addition there is a finger print sensor is placed on the periphery of the body. As well as the 9-pin MagSafe power adapter to replace microUSB port.

Phone Turing screen size of 5 inch Full HD resolution. Has a density of up to 401ppi and use the IPS screen. Besides, this phone has an internal storage space of 64/128 GB. 13 MP rear camera and front 8 MP. In battery capacity of 3000 mAh.

Lollipop’s Android-based phones will be launched August 10, 2015 and is priced at USD 740 (64 GB) and USD 870 (128 GB).