This is the Web Browser Safe for Surfing

If you are very concerned about privacy while online, you can try out the browser.

safe browser

KeepSolid, an IT company based in New York, United States (US), released a browser called Private Browser. Then what merits?

The answer is the safety of your privacy when the surf in cyberspace. Private Browser offers Integrated Access Point (IAP) for users who want to choose their own server to connect. By doing so, users can open content can not access.

Users can access the Internet safely without being noticed (anonymously) and encrypts user traffic while online, so the data is secure from eavesdropping.

Private Browser has a number of key features, such as creating a password (passcode) itself, designing their own view, have a high speed connection, and opened more than 25 tabs.

Meanwhile, another feature is the browser protection with strong encryption methods, the selection easier global server, and IP is hidden.

The application is already available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.