This Browser as a Tool Spy?

US country code Agency, National Security Agency (NSA) allegedly using a browser application on Android UC Browser for his spy activities.

It was revealed from the documents disclosed by the whistle-blower who was also a former CIA contractor, Edward Snowden told The intercept and CBC.

KompasTekno quoted from Android Authority, The NSA documents say that UC Browser has been leaking information about its activity, and sends the information to China.

As known, UC Browser is artificial UC Web browser application, a company owned by the Chinese technology giant, Alibaba. The Google Play Store app store, UC Browser has been downloaded over 100 million times.

According to analysis carried out firms Citizen Lab, NSA intercepted information through UC Browser also include keyword searches performed by users, the SIM card number, as well as the unique ID of the device.

Citizen Lab has notified the matter to Alibaba, and the browser developer also said it has provided an update for UC Browser at the beginning of this month, to patch vulnerabilities. According to Alibaba, the leak was not intentional.