This Bra Could Monitor Health Conditions Users

No one if no prediction regarding the use of wearable devices that will be more widespread in the future, where this device will not be shaped clock or bracelet only. One of them carried OMSignal company newly introduced tech sports bra.

smart bra

OMSignal recently known to have been created specifically for athletes sports bra and female runners. Therefore, this bra has the ability to find all sorts of information about its performance.

To do this, bra named Ombra should be connected first with OMrun platform. From there, this bra can track several aspects at once, such as distance, cadence, speed, heart rate, and calories burned during exercise.

Not only basic information, this platform can measure a few other things such as the amount of oxygen needed for a certain distance. Then, this bra can also track the breathing rhythm to help runners develop more appropriate breathing patterns.

Ombra can also measure both user fatigue conditions based on biometric information from before, during, and after running. That information is obtained by calculating the heart rate, breathing rate and heart rate variability during a run.

In addition equipped with a myriad of capabilities, Ombra also made with attractive design to support the style of the women when running or berolaharaga. The plan, Ombra and OMrun platform will be launched in the spring of 2016. However, for the present time and the price has not been disclosed further.

OMsignal itself is known as a company engaged in the field of clothing with special abilities. Previously, OMsignal released OM Smart Shirt that has the ability to calculate heart rate, respiratory conditions, pace, calories burned, and other information when the user is exercising.