The US military Want to Stay User Windows XP

More than a year after “turned off” in April 2014 and then, Windows XP turns out they have a true fan.

For example, the US Navy (US Navy) are willing to spend up to 9.1 million US dollars in order to remain able to use the operating system’s 14-year-old.

windows xp

A large amount of money is used to pay for technical support from Microsoft, for the US Navy computers are still running the Windows obsolete.

The whole technical support for Windows XP has indeed been terminated in April 2014. Nevertheless, Microsoft is willing to provide support for those who are willing to pay, such as the US Navy over.

In addition to Windows XP, the US Navy also pay for technical support to a number of other older software still used, including Office 2003, Exhcange 2003, and Windows Server 2003.

Figures paid may look great at first glance, but in fact only “pennies” for naval forces in the world’s strongest. Every year, the US Navy gets budgeted more than $ 100 billion.