The US Army’s website hacked by Syria Hacker

US Army forced to shut down temporarily due to the official website hacking is done by hackers supporting Syria. website is the official website of his Army the United States, which used to publish news and other information.

US sites hacked hacker

Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for hacking against these sites. They download deface the site and bring writing to criticize the US military interests in the Middle East region.

“Your commander admitted that they train people who have sent you to die on the battlefield,” wrote the hacker.

Then site can not be accessed, with a message saying ‘network error’. Party US Army later admitted that they deliberately shut off the site for a while, so that no important data stolen.

“Today is an element of a service provider belonging to has been compromised,” wrote Brigadier General Malcolm B. Frost in a statement.

“Once we realized this, we immediately take the necessary preventive measures to ensure that no data is stolen belonged to Army, by the temporary shutting it down,” continued Fros in the statement.

This is a hacking incident against US Army second site within a period of less than six months. In January, Twitter and YouTube accounts belonging to US Military Central Command also hacked and changed his profile photo by ISIS support group.

In a broader scope, the Government of the United States has recently become the butt of alleged cyber attacks originating from the Middle East. Even in the final attack that they receive, information about 4 million US federal employees reportedly stolen.

Syrian Electronic Army is a hacker group supporting the Syrian regime led by president Bashar al Assad. They confessed to cyber attacks against a number of news sites and companies.