The 5 Big Mistakes Nintendo Ever Do

Beginning in March 2017, Nintendo officially launched its newest console named Switch. Three months after its launch, the Nintendo Switch has gained tremendous response from many media and game players around the world.

Even so, the company based in Kyoto, Japan was also also experienced some failures that are quite embarrassing. What are the mistakes and failures Nintendo has done so far?


Here are five mistakes Nintendo ever did:

5. Virtual Boy

For many gamers, it’s hard to forget just how bad this device is on the market when it’s released. Undeniably, Virtual Reality (VR) technology is currently booming and attracts many developers and users.

Before the boom as it is today, Nintendo had first launched the VR product with the launch of Virtual Boy in June 1995.

Unfortunately, the age of Virtual Boy did not last long. In Japan, this VR device only lasted until December 1995. Meanwhile, in the United States released in August 1995 to March 1996.

Why Virtual Boy can fail in the market? Known, this game play is not interesting and not in accordance with expectations and it became the reason why this device failed. Since its inception, there are only 22 game titles ever released for Virtual Boy.

4. Lost Final Fantasy Franchise

For many gamers must be familiar with one of the most famous and phenomenal Final Fantasy series on PlayStation 1, Final Fantasy VII (FF7).

Shown with impressive and amazing gameplay and stories, Final Fantasy VII sets a high standard of how a RPG (role playing gaming) game should look.

However, do you really know Cloud et al adventure plans to be released for the Nintendo 64 console. At least it was the original plan.

However, when Square Enix develops FF7, they realize the game game will not fit inside the N64 cartridge. If forced, Square Enix takes 20 cartridges for the game to play.

Therefore, they made a deal with Sony and decided to use the CD format and launch their latest game on the PlayStation 1 console.

3. Wii U

Sold to 100 million worldwide, no doubt the Wii console is one of the most successful consoles that Nintendo has. With the support of several third-party game titles, the Wii is the gamer’s console.

Although still not able to beat the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in hardware capabilities, Wii present as a fun console for all players either young or old.

Not wanting to lose momentum, Nintendo launched its successor console that is named Wii U. Unfortunately, Wii U get a good reception from gamers.

From the beginning, Wii U’s promotional materials seemed confusing from the beginning. Unknown to the user whether this is a new console or just limited to additional accessories for the Wii.

Because of this, many game developers think twice about launching their games on Wii U. Plus, Nintendo has no intention to launch its best franchise Zelda and Metroid on Wii U.

2. Deliver Online Features

From the beginning, Nintendo is not too focused with the concept of playing online games on the console.

At the time SEGA launched its first online service for Dreamcast, Nintendo considers the concept is just a momentary moment. However, the decision was reversed when Microsoft launched Xbox Live for their game console.

Seeing this, Nintendo reluctantly adopted the online service into the DS and Wii. Only, to play online on the Nintendo console takes extra effort.

No voice chat support and having to register a playmate code makes many gamers hesitate to play online games on Nintendo’s console.

However, with the launch of the Switch, Nintendo hopes to reclaim its lover to use online services and play games with other Switch players.

1. Join the PlayStation Creation

When Nintendo was busy with the development of N64, a small company proposed a potentially tremendous potential partnership for both of them.

Reportedly, the small company is proposing the idea of ​​using CDs (compact disks) in which the content of games is stored rather than using cartridges.

Suddenly, Nintendo immediately rejected the idea. Rejected “raw”, the company was optimistic idea is better, and decided to make their own game console named PlayStation.

Yup, the small company that Nintendo declined at the time was Sony. Because of the action, the ‘power’ map of the game industry has changed dramatically and has grown tremendously to this day.