Telegram Reach 100 Million Active Users

One famous chat application, Telegram, is said to have managed to have 100 million monthly active users to date. Information obtained directly from the page of the blog belongs to the Russian company.

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Not only that, the upload on the blog page, Telegram also revealed there were 350 thousand new users every day join those applications. And, there were 15 billion messages sent every day.

In recent months Telegram known users continues to increase significantly. Since May last year, the company successfully took 38 million monthly active users.

However, this number is still far behind when compared to other companies, such as WhatsApp. In its latest report, the chat application is now owned Facebook has just reached 1 billion active users.

Nevertheless, Telegram is known to have a different focus with similar applications. The company since its inception has been focused on privacy and security of users.

This application uses encsryption system end-to-end to ensure that communications do not known the other party. In addition, Telegram also features the “SecretChat”. This feature allows messages can be set to automatically erased from each device.

However, the security features offered by Telegram could reap a problem. Because, it turns out these applications are often used by members of the extremist group ISIS to communicate. But when the Telegram moved quickly to shut down 78 channels belonging to ISIS Telegram.

For your information, Telegram itself was initially created as a form of criticism of the Russian government. One founder Pavel Durov Telegram revealed that the application is set up in such a way that can not be accessed by the security agencies of Russia.