Sophisticated and soft, this mattress uses technology from NASA

For people who have a busy time, sleeping eight hours a day and soundly is a very coveted thing. Usually, this problem occurs to office workers. Usually they have trouble sleeping because of the burden of work that accumulates.

mattress uses technology from NASA

But not only that, the comfort of the mattress is also one of the important things that must be considered. A high-tech mattress comes to improve your sleep quality.

Unmitigated, mattress named Kingaru is adapting technology from the United States Space Agency (NASA).

The mattress does not use springs, but uses natural premium latex with memory foam technology.

Initially, memory foam was developed by NASA’s research center to improve the safety of the spacecraft’s bearings and absorb the gravitational pressure on the astronauts that glide into space.

Luxurious and Comfortable

Then the material is widely used and one of them is adapted into a mattress.

Mattress with memory foam technology is claimed to improve the quality of sleep, because it is sensitive to temperature and able to withstand shocks.

“These premium foam mattresses are specially designed with technology from NASA, so luxury and comfort are deeply felt by consumers,” says Kingru Sleep founder Sven Vervaert.

Four Layers

The combination of a 25 cm thick mattress is composed of four different layers.

Equipped also natural latex armed with high quality resilience foam with premium quality.

All arranged on top of solid foam support and hardiness. This combination is covered by a wrapping glove from a premium knit from Belgium.