Sophisticated! Algorithms Facebook User Recognize Faces Without View

Facebook is trying new algorithms more sophisticated face recognition. With its new capabilities, the algorithm can recognize the user’s face though invisible.

face recognice

The algorithm works by identifying unique characteristics other than Facebook users. The characteristics such as hair, clothes, body shape and pose, a reference of this algorithm.

“There are many clues to identify a person. Everyone has a characteristic aspect, even if you are seen from behind, people will recognize you,” said Yann LeCun who led the development of this algorithm. For example, you could recognize a Mark Zuckerberg very easily, because he always uses T-shirt gray

To test this algorithm, team up to collect as many as 40 thousand public photos from Flickr. Some of the photos of them only show looks back.

This algorithm is claimed to identify the people in the photo with a 83% accuracy rate. If so used, most likely Facebook will use it to improve the ability of Facebook Moments.

As is known, Moments Facebook photo sharing app uses facial recognition software to facilitate tag in a photo.

But this sophistication can bring new problems for Facebook. The European Union some time ago prohibiting Facebook Moments due pinned facial recognition technology in this application. Of course, Facebook should prepare a thicker shield related to privacy issues.