Sony Spreading Wings to Business Drone

Sony widen its business lines into the business of drones. The Japanese company has been holding firm ZMP robotics. The plan, next August the combined business will be launched under the name “Aerosense”.

sony business drone

Aerosense actually not going to sell the drone, but more toward selling drones based services. Sony and ZMP prefer utilizing drone technology for research and development companies.

The business concept is fairly simple. Aerosense will take a snapshot of the sky by using drones, then combined with the results of the drawing cloud data processing.

The collaboration will bring up the data required companies to survey, observation, and inspection. Besides efficient in time, the collected data is also claimed to be accurate.

According to Sony and ZMP, in fact not easily apply drones for serious purposes. Because, during aircraft carrier unmanned cameras are often used for fun-call only.

That is the challenge Sony and ZMP. Both want to show the potential of drones for something bigger. Camera sensor technology and telecommunications network owned by Sony assessed fit paired with robotics technology and automatic crew ZMP in the development of drones function.

The partnership is also considered to be in accordance with the ideals of Sony as a technology pioneer who qualified in realizing the Internet of Thing (IOT).

So far, Sony and ZMP is preparing a variety of technologies to implement their concepts. Although Aerosense launched in August, they did not want to rush to operate. Aerosense said effective start work next year.