Sony Makes the Optical Disc Capacity 1 terabyte

How much data capacity that can be accommodated by an optical disc? Blu-ray disc, which is known to have the largest capacity is able to load data up to 128 GB (4 layers).

archival disc

The restriction has now been penetrated by a collaboration of Sony and Panasonic are making a new type of optical disc called Archival Disc capable of storing up to 1 terabyte, or 1,000 GB.

As the name implies, Archival Disc is intended for professional archiving purposes or long-term data storage.

The storage medium is called having a high resistance to changing environmental conditions, including fluctuations in temperature and humidity, in addition to water and dust resistant.

Sony and Panasonic are also promising “inter-generational compatibility”. That is, the data stored in the old format in Archival Disc can still be read by devices that appear in the future.

The plan Archival Disc will be offered in mid-2015 with an initial capacity of 300GB. Increased capacity to 1TB scheduled to follow later.

Prior to this, the social networking giant Facebook has announced will switch to optical disc-based storage media (Blu-ray) for storing user data portion.

Optical disc media is considered more cost-effective and energy to be used as a cold storage than conventional methods involving the hard disk.