Some Salaries Hacker in the World

In the digital era, as now, the term hacker would have been familiar to our ears. In Indonesia, hackers often known by computer hackers is still used as a mere hobby. However, unlike the case with developed countries including the United States. In the US, hacker turned out to be a promising profession.


Expertise hacker is often considered inconvenient number of victims. Though not necessarily all the hackers could be labeled negatively, many of them are using their expertise for purposes of viewing or fix vulnerabilities in computer software.

According, hackers in some developed countries is often known as the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH). A CEH tasked to secure the important data that is owned by the company. He is also fully responsible for the company’s digital security system.

The average income of a CEH is US $ 71,331 per year. The scale of salary earned per year usually amounts to US $ 24760-111502 depending on their expertise.

In addition to the basic salary they also get a bonus of up to US $ 17,500 per year.

US Labor Department reported that the CEH in New York City can get the most revenue to US $ 1.5 billion per year.

The report issued by Global Knowledge and TechRepublic reveal CEH is a job with the highest salary in the world of IT and technology.

In addition to CEH, another profession that is able to gain a large salary is a program maker (US $ 90,643 per year), systems analysts (US $ 85.234 per year) and Web Development (US $ 81,405 per year).