Solu, a pocket computer with cloud storage up to 5TB

Technology is always changing from time to time. Whether it’s a change that comes from the engine or from the design. To be sure, the technology that makes all the devices become simpler and smaller. You do not believe? Let’s look at the new pocket computers launched by Solu.

solu computer

Solu is a cloud-powered pocket-sized computers (4.5 inches). Cloud storage service from Solu often referred to as SoluCloud. Due to rely more on the cloud, then the Solu very limited internal storage which is 2GB.

As for its own cloud storage, Solu offers two variants, namely the capacity of 2TB and 5TB. Differences in the two cloud capacity is what makes the subscription price vary. Solu computer also has a touchscreen display which allows the user to navigate the device with the touch of their fingers. It is just like being operate a smartphone or tablet.

Related performance, Solu has been equipped with an Nvidia Tegra processor with 4GB RAM K1. Not only that, Solu also supported a wide range of connectivity, including 802.11a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and USB port type-C. Well, USB Type-C can also be used for charging and connecting to an external display (with the help of an HDMI adapter).

Then, what operating system? Solu runs on the Linux kernel or in other words run on the operating system SoluOS. Even so, Solu can still run some Android apps. In addition, the device is also equipped with a battery capacity of 1.200mAh.

If you want Solu computer, you can take it home to spend approximately $ 500, as excerpted from DigitalTrends