Snapchat apply the account verification feature

Snapchat finally rolled out new features that are similar such as Facebook and Twitter. The new feature is called official stories, account verification feature is intended specifically for public figures such as companies, celebrities, to politicians.

As with Facebook and Twitter, the main purpose of this feature was also not much different. Yes, snapchat want to allows users to find the official accounts of public figures that they want to follow. As for verification in the form of stickers emoji located beside the name of the account owner.


For example, a phenomenal singer Justin Beiber use rickthesizzler name for snapchat personal account. This of course can be confusing million fans Beiber because the name is already used by another user whose identity is unknown.

Meanwhile, snapchat itself today is the social media are growing rapidly. With the number of users continues to increase dramatically, the public figures from various circles was eventually enliven social media distinctive yellow color.

“Currently, the official stories has been launched to a small group Snapchatters. But over time, the official stories will be available in more countries,” said the snapchat